The best way to contact me is email: [email protected] for personal matters, or [email protected] for business. If you already know me and have my phone number, then Signal or SMS are the preferred contact methods. No other inbound messaging systems are monitored at this time.

Things you should not contact me about

  • Anything related to AI, cryptocurrency, NFTs, Web3, or the Metaverse
  • Working at a trading or defense company
    • Sorry, I’m not convinced either of these sectors have a positive impact on the world.
  • Job offers that don’t have something special to recommend them
    • I’m quite happy with my current job! It has great work/life balance, I have lots of impact and ownership, am learning a lot, and work on things that interest me. If you want to recruit me, you need to have a good reason why working at your company would be even better. Higher salary does not count, I make enough money already to afford the things I need.
    • Great matches for my interests: infrastructure, DevOps, containerization, open source, application deployment, networking, databases, programming languages, reverse engineering, compilers, server administration, package management (see my projects list for a sense of what I tend to work on)
    • Poor matches for my interests: frontend, machine learning, product design, web development
      • I can and have done all of these things, but I don’t enjoy them as much
  • Website design consulting / SEO / advertising contracts
    • If you have a suggestion, you can send a pull request. Otherwise, please don’t bother. I don’t run ads and I’m not interested in scams.