This page lists some of my open-source projects. You can find the source code for all of these projects and more on GitHub.

Finished personal projects

All of my open-source projects receive continued maintenance when needed. The dates below, however, show when most of the major development happened.

In-progress personal projects

  • pset (Fall 2017): Configurable templating system for university problem sets typeset in LaTeX.
  • Ishikk (Summer 2018): Read-write Google Calendar interface for Emacs, with graphical week view.
  • µTunes (Summer 2019 – Present): Aggressively minimal command-line music player and library manager following the UNIX philosophy, with Emacs interface.
  • Tabcrush (Summer 2019 – Present): High-performance power tool for editing large-scale tabular data in Emacs.
  • Mercury (Summer 2019 – Present): Emacs interface to Facebook Messenger, Signal, and SMS (via Pushbullet)

Work projects

(See also my resume, which includes proprietary work experience as well.)

  • cortex.optimise (Spring – Summer 2016, ThinkTopic): General-purpose library for analyzing, visualizing, and comparing gradient descent algorithms.
  • lazy-map (Fall 2017, ThinkTopic): Lazy map implementation for Clojure.
  • UPM (Summer 2019, Universal package-management interface for Python, Node.js, Ruby, and Emacs Lisp.

School projects