I like puzzle hunts. If you have never heard of a puzzle hunt, this blog post has an excellent, fun-to-read introduction. Briefly, a puzzle hunt is a collection of puzzles, each of which is a structured set of information provided without instructions. For each puzzle, you must figure out what the rules are and how to interpret the available information in order to produce the answer, a word or short phrase.

After participating in a puzzle hunt with some friends in Summer 2020, I decided to try making my own. I am quite happy with the result. I tried very hard to make my puzzle hunt accessible to people who have not solved puzzles before (so no complicated indexing is required, for example), and it is completely feasible to solve all the puzzles by yourself (although solving with friends is always fun).

This page has links to each of the puzzles in my puzzle hunt, which are provided in PDF format. There are nine in total, and one is a metapuzzle. Figuring out which one is part of the metapuzzle :)

Puzzles are currently loading...

Information about your submissions is only stored on your browser, and never sent or saved anywhere else. In other words, answer verification happens right in your browser, without even an Internet connection required. (No, this doesn’t mean you can just look at the website source code and find out the puzzle answers. If you don’t believe me, give it a try :) If you want to erase your submission information from your browser, you can either clear your cookies or simply click here.