Hi, my name is Radon Rosborough (they/them). I am a software engineer on the Infrastructure team at Plaid in San Francisco, CA, graduated in Spring 2020 from Harvey Mudd College majoring in computer science. My hometown is Boulder, CO.

When I’m not studying or working, I often enjoy building tools to improve my programming workflow, and in particular I am an Emacs junkie. I am frequently frustrated by the software I use, and seem to have a supernatural ability to uncover bugs and unintended behavior in every sort of application. Because of this, I value fixability and understandability very highly (don’t pretend it doesn’t have bugs; instead, make it as easy as possible to recover from them), and this philosophy strongly influences the design of the software I create. I abandoned Apple a few years back due to irreconcilable philosophical differences, and have never looked back. I run Pop!_OS and Ubuntu on the System 76 Oryx Pro and Framework Laptop 13 and GrapheneOS on the Google Pixel 6a. Over time, I am working towards replacing or deprecating all products and services provided by unethical technology companies, including but not limited to Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

I spent time on a regular basis maintaining my open-source projects on GitHub, because I enjoy helping my software help other people and because I want to set a positive example for open-source community-building. If you file a bug report, I may not have time to fix the problem, but I do read every single one and always respond. And of course pull requests are always appreciated.

In my free time, I enjoy reading (typically science-fiction and fantasy; my favorite author is Brandon Sanderson), playing video games (typically indie titles with well-polished aesthetics and tight gameplay; favorites include Celeste and Hyper Light Drifter), and going on walks (hey, I wasn’t able to stick to any other kind of exercise routine).