I was inspired to create this website after I wrote Calculus: Intuitive Explanations and wanted a way to make it accessible to more people. Since then, it has grown to feature more mathematical writing and other miscellany. It now also functions as my personal website, featuring a list of projects and my resume.

This website (aside from my resume, since its version history contains personal information) is open-source on GitHub, and I welcome contributions!

I write web content in Markdown, and use a static site generator called Jekyll to transform it into HTML with the aid of the Liquid template language.

Most of my mathematical content, on the other hand, is written in LaTeX, a language for professional mathematical and scientific typesetting, and compiled to PDF documents available on this site.

My site is deployed on Netlify, an extremely fast service for hosting static sites like this one. However, since they don’t provide infrastructure for complex compilation steps (e.g. rendering LaTeX to PDF), I use CircleCI to do this automatically and then deploy every time I push to GitHub.